CBD 101 For Pets

One thing is for sure - We love our pets, and they mean the world to us. 

That's why we want only the best for them, whether that be in regards to their food, toys, or most importantly, their health! 

And that's where CBD has increasingly become something pet parents are interested in. But it's also something that's become confusing and irregular since it has little regulations set.

But don't worry - Ahimsa Pets is here for you every step of the way! 

We decided to help pet parents like you better understand this new "CBD" word everyone is throwing around. Below is a list of small articles that can help kick start your path on getting the best CBD products for your pets.

It all starts with first understanding what CBD is and how it relates to your pet. Take a look below to help clarify these topics, and then you can always look to our Pet CBD Blog for more information! 

Pet CBD Introductory Topics:  

1) What Is CBD?

2) How To Give CBD To Your Pet?

3) How Much CBD To Give Your Pet? 

4) How To Read CBD Lab Reports?

5) Frequently Asked Questions

6) Why Chose Ahimsa Pets?