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Our pets are our world and they only deserve the best!

What is Ahimsa?

It’s a Sanskrit word that means showing care and love to all living things.

Our 2 Step Mission:

Step 1: Help pets live healthy and happy lives by providing them with holistic health solutions to common health illnesses.

Step 2: Help animals around the world survive the effects of human caused threats by allocating a portion of every sale to aid in efforts to save them.

Pet Parents claim CBD helps with...

  • Anxiety: CBD influences hormone release

  • Arthritis: CBD is an anti-inflammatory

  • Cancer symptoms: CBD moderates pain receptors

  • Allergies: CBD is an anti-inflammatory

  • Seizures: CBD regulatesbrain chemistry

  • Pain: CBD moderates pain receptors

  • Skin/coat health: MCT oil contains healthy fatty acids & So Much More!

Pets & People Love Ahimsa Pets!

Organic Hemp Derived CBD for Pets

  • +Highest Quality CBD
  • +Organic Dog Treats
  • +Holistic, wholesome, all-natural CBD
  • +Delicious Flavors
  • +Wholesome Ingredients
  • +Easy For Pets To Ingest

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