How To Give CBD To Your Pet

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So you have your CBD oil for pets or CBD dog treats in hand, and are now asking what many pet owners are wondering...

“How do I give this to my pet?”

We understand how it feels, we’ve been there too. Don’t worry, we’ll provide you with what we know as the best practices for CBD and your pet for now. But remember, CBD is still very new so these suggestions can change or become outdated as more research is done.

But for now, these suggestions should definitely help you start your CBD journey with your pet!

How should I be giving CBD to my pet?

There are multiple ways to give your pet CBD. The most common are CBD oil for pets and CBD treats for pets.
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CBD oil is very commonly used in pets. It can be administered in many different ways. Here are three ways, and you should choose which works best for you and your pet!

1) In Their Mouth (Sublingual)

Giving your pet CBD orally is one of the most effective ways, as far as we know today. But there is a difference that must be noted.

Sublingual means putting something under the tongue, as that’s where the sublingual gland is. This directly absorbs the CBD and takes it into the bloodstream. If you can and your pet cooperates, try getting as much of the CBD oil near or under your pet’s tongue.

2) In Their Mouth (Orally)

If you don’t happen to have a dog or cat that can stay like a statue, it’s okay. If you can get the CBD oil in their mouth it will be taken orally. This means the oil will be digested like food and water and go to the stomach to get processed. (Which is slower than sublingual)
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3) In Their Food

This method is similar to orally giving your pet CBD oil. But there’s one caveat.

It all depends on how much of the food your pet eats. If they eat it all – great! But if they don’t, then you risk your pet not getting the full dose.  

Otherwise, this method is very similar to giving the CBD oil orally to your pet.


If you have a CBD treat, your pet will most likely be eating the treat and digest the CBD that way. Once it gets to their stomach, the CBD will be absorbed by the digestive system.
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This process is not the fastest way of absorption since it has to be digested by the stomach before the CBD enters the Endocannabinoid System. It’s similar to giving CBD oil orally to your pet.  

The Wrap Up

As you can see, there are many different ways to give your pet CBD. Whether you have CBD dog treats for your Frenchie or CBD oil for your beloved Siamese buddy – Ahimsa Pets has something for every pet owner.

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