Ahimsa Pets Mission

ahimsa pets mission

"Ahimsa Pets’ mission is to provide pets with the best all-natural solutions to live truly healthy lives, inside and out. Our solutions come from years of experience in holistic, Eastern medicine known as Ayurveda, which blends a scientific focus with an all-natural approach. We understand that trust, honesty, and transparency are important when looking for pet products, because we’re pet parents too. Ahimsa Pets strives to create the best, holistic, pet products to achieve our ultimate goal – develop strategies to save all animals in need of help."  

Our mission statement above is a glimpse of what Ahimsa Pets is. Below we go into more detail as to who we truly are and why we do what we do for pet parents like you.

 To Care, And To Love.

This is what ahimsa means.
This is what we stand for.
This is who we are.       

We want dogs, cats, horses, guinea pigs, rabbits, and whoever else is considered “part of the family” to live a truly happy life – because that’s how it should be.

Ahimsa (a-him-saa) is a word that stems from an ancient Eastern philosophy in the Indian sub-continent. It’s a cardinal virtue for the people of that area and it binds to the idea of respect and love for all living things.

Ahimsa translates from the Sanskrit language to mean “to care, and to love”.

Ahimsa Pets is more than just a pet CBD company, we’re a way of life.

ahimsa pets ahimsa means to love

Holistic, Wholesome & Happy

So what does all this have to do with CBD and your pet? It actually has everything to do with it.

Ahimsa Pets was founded around the idea that our pet’s nutrition and health needs to be of the utmost importance for pet owners. We need to care for their health, and show them love by giving them the best nutrition possible.

We tie ahimsa into nutrition by delving deep into our ancient, Eastern, holistic health roots of Ayurveda. The Indian sub-continent has been practicing it for over 5,000 years.  

Ayurveda is a holistic medicinal approach to health, applying it with a scientific lens. It analyzes how naturally occurring compounds can create a positive health benefit, mirroring the effects of some pharmaceuticals without the side effects.

We firmly believe that holistic and wholesome nutrition can lead to a happy and healthy pet!

ahimsa pets ahimsa means to care

Why CBD For Pets?


Our founder, whose roots are from the Indian sub-continent, lost his dog in 2018 to cancer. In that same year, the Farm Bill of 2018 was passed making CBD derived from hemp legal.

His dog was on CBD for the last couple months of his life and it completely changed the way arthritis was affecting his quality of life.

After noticing so many pets being lost to illnesses, and the positive effects of healthy supplements like CBD – Ahimsa Pets was born.

It’s a perfect blend to better the health of our pets, with an all-natural solution.  

Trust & Transparency

The idea of ahimsa can be seen in every aspect of our business. Because again, ahimsa is more than just business terminology; it’s a way of life.


It all starts from our name and mission – ahimsa. It has created our roots deep in a soil of holistic care and love for all living things, not just animals.

Ahimsa is the reason we’ll go the extra mile for your pet, because we know exactly how it feels to see them smile.

ahimsa pets trust honesty transparency

CBD Sourcing

That’s the reason why we source from some of the best CBD manufacturers in the country; farmers from Colorado who have been perfecting their craft for years before 2018.

Ahimsa is the reason we chose not the cheapest supplier, but the most reliable.

Isolate vs Broad Spectrum

Not every pet CBD product is the same. We chose to go with the highest quality, premium Broad Spectrum CBD products, without any THC. Isolate is very common in unregulated, low quality, pet CBD products as it’s the cheapest.

Cheap isn’t our motto, quality is.

Ahimsa is the reason we have premium CBD products – because our love for our pets is premium.

3rd Party Testing

Even though we know we source from the top facilities and create high quality CBD products, we want you to have that same confidence in our products. So we send every one of our products to 3rd party labs to get tested.

Ahimsa is the reason we test our products – our care is in the scientific proof.

Trust and transparency are forged on facts and honesty, and that’s what we wish to give you and your pet.

ahimsa pets global mission

The End Goal

We’ve reiterated that ahimsa is not just a business term, but a way of life.

Ahimsa Pets’ end goal is not simply to have healthy pets all across America. It is to help better the lives of all animals, around the world.

That includes the dogs and cats in America’s shelters, but also the struggling lion, elephant, pangolin, and rhino populations around the world.

Ahimsa does not pertain to simply the life of our pets; rather it is the care and love of all living things.

We hope to extend our ahimsa in the near future through The Ahimsa Wildlife Foundation, a non-profit organization set out to help various animal causes.

We will hope to gain traction as a leading holistic pet supplement brand and put aside a portion of every sale to contribute to these causes.


We practice ahimsa every day in the love and care we give our furry friends. And we hope you join our practicing of ahimsa by providing your pet with holistic and wholesome nutrition, to keep them happy and healthy.