Monthly Wildlife Aid

Thanks to YOU, every quarter we donate a portion of our earnings to help animals in need. After all, ahimsa means to care and to love all things - and for us that means showing wildlife just as much love as we show our pets!


July - September

may ahimsa pets monthly donation orangutan

In quarter 3 of 2022, we will donate to help orangutans! The Orangutan Foundation was founded in 1990 by Ashley Leiman and it helps protect orangutan habitats in Indonesian Borneo, while also educating the locals on how to aid in their cause. 
1. Orangutans are the heaviest tree dwelling animals   
2. Orangutans and their homes are being destroyed for palm oil plantations
3. They have an average arm span of 7ft! 

Orangutan Foundation - UK

April - June

ahimsa pets monthly donations april pandas

In quarter 2 of 2022, we donated to help pandas! Pandas International is a non-profit right here in Colorado that aims to help organizations in China protect and bring back the panda population by donating supplies and working with the local governments! 
1. There are only ~2000 pandas left in the wild bamboo forests of China  
2. Panda's have eyes similar to domestic cats with vertical slit pupils 
3. Panda's eat for nearly 12-16 hours of the day, munching on bamboo

Pandas International - USA

January - March

ahimsa monthly donation pangolin

In quarter 1 of 2022, we donated to help pangolins! Save Pangolins is trying to help pangolins, who, believe or not, are the most trafficked animal in the world with all 8 species (natively from Africa and Asia) are nearing extinction! 
1. More than 1 million pangolins have been poached in the last decade  
2. Pangolin means roller in Maya, a south-east-Asian language  
3. China and Vietnam believe their scales have medicinal properties and prize their meat as a delicacy 

: Save Pangolins Org - Africa/Asia

October - December

ahimsa pets monthly donation sea turtle

In quarter 4 of 2021, we donated to help sea turtles! Sea Turtle Conservancy has been helping Caribbean green sea turtles since 1959 through the efforts of research and conservation ground work.
1. Sea turtles suffer from habitat destruction and being caught in fishing nets, both human induced   
2. Sea turtles love to eat jellyfish 
3. Only 1 in 1000 hatchlings survive to adulthood  

: Sea Turtle Conservancy - Florida

July - September

ahimsa pets monthly donations gorillas

In quarter 3 of 2021, we donated to help gorillas! The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund is an incredible foundation founded by Ms. Fossey in 1967 when she opened the Karisoke Research Center in Rwanda's to study mountain gorillas. 
1. Habitat loss, poaching, and hunting/human conflict have caused gorillas to be severely endangered
2.  98% of our DNA matches that of gorillas, as they are considered our cousins
3. Gorillas live to be around 35-40 years old   

: Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund - US/Africa

Earlier In 2021

kevin richardson ahimsa pets donate

In 2021, we donated to help lions! Kevin Richardson's Wildlife Sanctuary does an amazing job of creating a home for these magnificent creatures and more importantly, educating the public via various platforms on the plights lions face such as extinction and canned hunting! 
1. Lion populations in Africa have decreased by 90% 
2. Lions are the only cats to live in groups (called Prides) 
3. A lion's roar can be hear from 5 miles away 

: The Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary - Africa 

the elephant sanctuary in tennessee ahimsa pets
In 2021, we donated to help elephants! The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee is a great place right here in America that is a home to our planet's gentle giants that need help from unfortunate pasts. 
1. Elephants are poached by the tens of thousands every year for their tusks 
2. An elephant's trunk has around 40,000 muscles 
3. Elephants can hold around 2 gallons of water in their trunks

ORGANIZATION: The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee 

animal aid india ahimsa pets
In 2021, we donated to help the dogs, cats, and cows of India! Animal Aid Unlimited is an amazing organization based in India that provides emergency assistance and long term rehabilitation care to street animals in need of aid. 
1. India has around 30 million stray dogs in it's streets 
2. Animal Aid Unlimited helps more than 15,000 animals in Udaipur, India
3. Stray dogs are highly intelligent and resourceful