Natural Supplements For Dogs With Cancer

Natural Supplements For Dogs With Cancer

If you have been told your dog has cancer, you probably feel like it is the end of the world. Cancer is a terrible illness that strikes humans and animals alike, and the news your beloved pet has it can be devastating. There is no cure for cancer, but there are treatments available to help support your pet as they battle the illness.

If you’ve exhausted western medicine, or are looking for natural medicines that can help give dogs with cancer have a better outcome, here are some proven natural supplements for dogs backed by science.

Turkey Tails

One of the most exciting natural supplements for fighting cancer is the Turkey Tail mushroom. This mushroom has been studied extensively for its anti-cancer properties, and is so effective it has been approved by the FDA for a trial in humans.[1]

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Veterinarians are also recommending turkey tails as a supplement for dogs with cancer. These powerful mushrooms have been shown to both boost the immune system and shrink tumors, making it an essential aid in the fight against cancer.


Another powerful supplement you can use to fight cancer, turmeric has a huge range of health benefits for humans and pets alike, and has been well researched. Turmeric at therapeutic levels can actually take the place of 14 different medications.

Multiple studies have been done on turmeric, and how it can kill cancer cells.[2] When ingested, the active ingredient of turmeric, curcumen, targets cancer cells and causes cell death of that cell. More research needs to be done, but the evidence is very good that turmeric can help in the fight against a variety of different cancer types.


CBD oil has been used for treating a variety of cancer symptoms in both humans and animals. It is especially powerful because it not only acts as an anti-cancer, but it has also been proven to help with several of the symptoms of cancer. CBD oil can help by increasing appetite, which is often supressed in cancer patients, reducing symptoms of nausea and vomiting, treat chronic pain associated with cancer, and also help retard the growth of cancer.

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CBD oil has been of great interest to researchers for a long time. Scientists have known about the pain killing effects of CBD oil for many years, but only recently has research shown that it may help slow the growth of tumors in certain types of cancer.[3]

If you decide to use CBD oil for your pet, make sure to select the best CBD oil for dogs—think high quality, sourced in the USA, and with no impurities.

CBD oil has the ability to selectively destroy cancer cells, and has particular effectiveness in bladder cancer, as well as an anti-tumor effect in gliomas, a specific type of tumor.

While there are no supplements that will cure your dog of cancer, and many types of cancer have a very grim prognosis even with supplements, these natural remedies can help support your dog during their illness. You should ask your veterinarian before starting your dog on these supplements, especially turmeric, as it may interact with medications your dog is on. If you’re worried about cancer in your pet, these supplements could help for a healthier, happier dog.