Natural Supplements For Dogs With Arthritis

Natural Supplements For Dogs With Arthritis

As your dog gets older, arthritis is likely to be his constant companion. We’ve all seen the dog that is still happy and wagging his tail, but can hardly move beyond a slow shuffle due to crippling arthritis. If your dog’s arthritis is terrible, you may even end up considering euthanasia due to his pain, but you should know that there are a number of wonderful natural supplements for dogs with arthritis.

You may be surprised to see your puppy acting like a puppy again after a few doses of these highly recommended supplements.


This incredible spice has drawn the attention of researchers for its powerful effects on the body. It has been found to be able to take the place of pharmaceuticals for heart health and arthritis, while at the same time being very safe and effective.

Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory, which is the main source of pain in arthritis. Just a couple of weeks on this supplement should be enough to see a visible difference in how your dog feels.

best cbd for dogs with arthritis

Green-lipped Mussel

You probably haven’t heard of this unusual crustacean, but it can do wonders for arthritis in both humans and dogs. This mussel is unique from other shellfish because it contains natural anti-inflammatory chemicals, as well as reducing pain and swelling in the area.

Green-lipped mussel has become a popular choice for arthritis, and is available in freeze dried treats, powders, and even some high-end foods at boutique dog food stores.


CBD is also wonderful for dogs with arthritist. The best CBD oil for dogs can make a huge difference in your pet—starting with his brain. Arthritis is caused by your dogs own immune system overreacting to perceived threats in the body, and taking it out on your dog’s joints. CBD can help regulate the immune system, so it doesn’t attack the joints in the first place.

CBD oil is also a natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever, helping to ease the symptoms. A dog that feels better will also move around more, and exercise itself can make the pain better, causing your dog to continue to feel better over time.

the best cbd oil for dogs with joint pain

Glucosamine And Chondroitin

Glucosamine & chondroitin is one of the first natural supplements discovered for arthritis in pets. Glucosamine and chondroitin are actually the building blocks of joints, and these key components are necessary to help your pet rebuild. Dogs with arthritis who don’t have enough of these building blocks, will degenerate faster than those who have them.

Glucosamine & chondroitin have been clinically shown to be safe and effective in both humans and dogs, making it a wonderful supplement for your pet.

There are many great supplements out there to help ease the pain of arthritis in your pet. Pharmaceuticals from the vet can of course ease pain and discomfort, but they can also stress your pets organs. Give your pet a good balance between joint support and longevity with natural supplements for dogs with arthritis.