Is CBD Illegal? – Government Stance and It’s Future

Is CBD Illegal? – Government Stance and It’s Future

Over the years, there has been much debate as to whether the use and sale of hemp, CBD or even cannabis should be legalized. No matter its utility, the plant has been kept strictly off the market since the 1970s Controlled Substance Act which forbade its growth and sale.

What is Hemp?

Hemp is a type of the cannabis stevia plant. The reason why it became so popular is because of the diversity with which it can be used. As the type with the lowest THC matter, it is used for creating oil, textiles, papers and many other products that aid people in their lives. In 2014 farmers were successful in getting the Obama administration to pass the Agricultural Act which allowed the growth of hemp but only for research purposes.  

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What is CBD?

CBD has become all the hype in the world of medicine. It is an organic and naturally occurring alternative to medicines for the treatment of various diseases and disorders. It can help control epilepsy, reduce anxiety and PTSD symptoms, prevent and manage cancer, treat chronic pain and induce sleep for those with sleeping disorders. CBD is also completely separate from THC, meaning that it does not exhibit the psychoactive behaviors that are associated with marijuana and the cannabis plant.

Where Does The Government Stand On It’s Legalization?

Over the years, in recognition of various rights and utilities, the government has allowed for some CBD, THC and cannabis products to be legalized –depending on the state you are in. Even though marijuana is illegal as a medicinal drug on a federal level, some states may allow for some kind of flexibility; they may only allow for CBD products to be sold but not those that contain THC. 

In 2018, the Trump administration passed a Farm Bill according to which products made out of hemp, and hemp as a plant in general, were removed from the restrictions of the Controlled Substances Act. This means that even CBD products derived out of hemp have been made legal by extension and can be used for industrial and medicinal purposes. All farmers have to do is obtain a license and they can grow hemp under state regulations. Here is what the FDA said about the bill!

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With this giant step being taken, the FDA has moved towards securing some control over the potential CBD products in the market. According to a statement issued, FDA would still regulate all the products that are released into the market, in specific dietary supplements. Thus, while farmers may be able to grow and harvest hemp and CBD subsequently, what they will be able to do with it could still be a problem. This is not to say that no margin will be given considering the recent approval of Epidiolex, a CBD medicine developed by GW Pharmaceuticals for the treatment of epilepsy and seizures.

What Does The Future Hold?

The legalization of hemp, and hemp products, is being done so less to remove the stigma that revolves around marijuana but more because of the economic and agricultural benefits it will provide. Hemp is a friendlier plant to grow as it detoxifies the soil and prevents erosion.

Additionally, because of all the hype that surround CBD and hemp, a major boom in the CBD economy is to be expected by 2020 as experts predict it may be able to generate $1 billion. Already, $350 million were generated in sales by the CBD industry just last year. Legalization could mean more production and growth in sales but also more research and clinical trials to ground the plant in the medicinal sphere.

And lastly, we cannot forget the countless animal lives that can and will be changed with this legalization. CBD has been claimed by pet owners to have helped with illnesses such as arthritis, anxiety, seizures, and more. This could change the way pet owners are able to help their dogs and cats forever!