How CBD Oil is Improving Quality of Life for Senior Dogs

How CBD Oil is Improving Quality of Life for Senior Dogs

Dogs are a man’s best friend, and pet parents will do anything to improve the quality of life for their beloved pets. The sad truth is that dogs live for only about 10-13 years, meaning we may see several of our companions pass in our life time.

However, when you factor in the joy and love that they provide us with, the benefits far outweigh the downside and heartbreak. As pet owners, it is our job to provide these loyal friends the best life possible in the years that we have them.

In their twilight years, dogs can experience a wide array of health issues that can cause them difficulties of pain and discomfort on a daily basis. Let’s start by getting a better understanding of the complications that can arrive in the life of senior dogs.  

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Health Issues for Senior Dogs

Dogs of different breeds have different average lifespans and so they age differently. A senior dog is usually a dog that has slowed down and may be dealing with a whole host of aches and pains from all the running, swimming, tug-of-war games, and general playing around over the years.

The most common ailments older dogs face are:

  1. Hearing and Vision Loss
  2. Cancer
  3. Joint Issues/Arthritis
  4. Heart Problems
  5. Obesity
  6. Diabetes
  7. Kidney Disease

Some are serious and others not as much, however none are ones we want to see our beloved dogs with.

As a dog’s golden years set in, daily medicine and trips to the vet become a part of the routine. For their owners this can be very heartbreaking to watch. Many of us feel helpless and lost for solutions when personally dealing with this with our own dogs. Luckily some new treatments and methods have hit the market and are making tangible changes for our K9 friends.

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What is CBD Oil

Cannabidiol Oil, otherwise known as CBD oil, is a hemp plant extract that is being used for medicinal purposes. The way the oil is extracted leads to a product that does not induce any psychoactive effects on your pet.

CBD oil is gaining popularity and is now legal for humans in 30 states. Over the next five years, it is projected to become a +20 billion dollar industry. The big reason for it’s growing popularity, is its impact on both mental and physical health in humans and animals alike. An all-natural product that boasts both mental and physical affect is an appealing product for many pet parents.

CBD Oil For Senior Dogs: How Can It Help?

CBD Oil works great for pets, and especially senior dogs.

First and foremost, it acts as an all-natural pain reliever. Pain can be commonplace for older dogs, but that shouldn’t be the case. CBD oil helps counteract it by altering the way our body interacts with pain receptors, easing the negative feeling associated with pain.  

It also has anti-inflammatory properties, helping with arthritis which almost all senior dogs deal with. Arthritis is caused by various reasons such as injury or wear and tear of the ligaments over time. This causes discomfort for dogs and results in a limp or less activity. CBD oil can help lessen that inflammation which results in that discomfort.

CBD can also help cope with both cancer and heart disease. Since these two conditions can become fatal, this is obviously a huge benefit for our dogs. Although CBD oil cannot cure cancer or heart disease, it helps our pets manage the symptoms of these health issues.

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Not only that, but CBD oil can also help with anxiety and nausea. All of this wrapped into one bottle sounds like magic, but it’s not – its science!

Only The Best CBD Oil For Your Senior Dog

Ahimsa Pets provides owners with high quality, all-natural, pure, Colorado grown CBD oil for your senior dog. All our products are third party lab tested and packaged with a true sense of well wishes for you and your pup!

We all want what is best for our dogs, who are our best friends. Our final years together should be filled with making memories and sharing our love together. A senior dog plagued by medical issues and mental/physical pain, can take away this joy. CBD Oil has revolutionized pet health and is helping senior dogs live out happier and healthier lives!