Covid-19, Your Dog, and Anxiety

Covid-19, Your Dog, and Anxiety

Since the novel coronavirus, Covid-19, first appeared in November of 2019, our world has rapidly changed. Schools have closed, businesses have shuttered, and those who are lucky enough to still be working are doing so from home.

For dogs, Covid-19 has probably been a very pleasant and exciting time for them. Suddenly, the people they love most are home all the time with them, instead of disappearing mysteriously for most of the day.

Unfortunately for your dog though, one day these lock downs will end and it's back to work or school for everyone. In some low risk areas this is already happening, and the return to freedom has had an unexpected side effect—anxious dogs. Luckily, CBD oil for dogs is readily available for your pet, and it can make a big difference in how he feels when it is time to say good-bye for a few hours.

Separation distress and your dog

In nature, dogs rarely separate from their pack for very long. An adult may stay home with puppies while the rest of the pack searches for food, but in general the dog that falls behind faces great difficulty or even death.

Many dogs experience separation anxiety when people leave even before Covid, but after getting used to their favorite people staying home, they are more anxious than ever. Signs your dog is experiencing separation anxiety include:

  • Whining or barking when you leave
  • Panting and other stress signals when you get keys or get ready to go
  • Destroying household items after you leave
  • Scratching the doors
  • Trying to barge through the door with you
  • Barking while you are gone

Separation anxiety isn't fun for you or your pet, but there are things you can do. CBD for dogs with anxiety can make a big difference in helping your pet cope.

How CBD for dogs can help

CBD oil for dogs works by interacting with the dogs endocannabinoid system. Most animals have this system, which is responsible for a variety of functions from regulating allergic responses to stabilizing mental health.

It's this last property that makes CBD for dogs so useful. CBD for dogs with anxiety can greatly improve their life by helping reduce anxiety before they experience it. CBD has been proven to help reduce symptoms of anxiety, and can greatly reduce the stress both you and your dog experience when it is time to leave.

CBD oil for dogs should be proactive. It's best to give your dog CBD well before you leave, so it has time to work on your pet. It should also be used in combination with other supportive treatments, such as a stuffed KONG toy that will give your dog a way to pass the time constructively while you are gone.

Proper dosage of CBD oil for dogs

A very recent study conducted in March of 2020 recommended a dosage of 1-2mg per kg of body weight as an effective dosage. This was for pain relief, but it is a good rule of thumb for anxiety as well. If you're not sure, start with a small dosage. Give your dog this smaller amount for a week, and if the dose seems ineffective after this time, you can boost how much you give by a very small amount.

Closing Remarks

CBD for dogs with anxiety is difficult to overdose. If dogs get a very large quantity of CBD, they may vomit or feel restless, but most of the time too much CBD has no side effects. The reason why the lowest amount of CBD possible is recommended isn't due to worrying side effects, but due to concerns that CBD may lose effectiveness with no way to boost the dose later if too much is given.

CBD oil for dogs is a powerful tool in helping your dog cope with anxiety. A small dose can help bridge the gap between when you leave and when you come back, so your dog can feel better about this difficult time.

When you do come home, don't forget to spend time with your pet. CBD for dogs with anxiety won't cause them to be woozy or sedated, simply relaxed. They will be glad to play with you, go for a walk, or learn some new tricks after you come back—no worries about whether your dog will be capable.

CBD rarely has any side effects, and is one of the safest and best methods of helping ease your dogs anxiety during the pandemic.