CBD Oil For Horses

CBD Oil For Horses

CBD is rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways to treat pets for a variety of ailments. There have been many studies done proving the efficiency of CBD for dogs and humans, but what about other pets? Can we use CBD for horses? Can it be used to control the pain and inflammation commonly found in these magnificent pets?

All mammals have an endocannabinoid system with which CBD interacts. To date, there have been no clinical trials on how CBD affects horses. This should not be very surprising, since interest in the powerful healing properties of CBD has only taken root recently.

Fortunately, anecdotal evidence and studies in mice and other animals suggest that using CBD for horses is a great choice. Here’s what we know about CBD in horses, and what still needs more research.

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How CBD Can Help Your Horse

Although no studies have been done, pioneers in the horse industry are already experimenting with CBD on individual cases to see if it helps. CBD has been used to help relax horses on stall rest, treat degenerative joint diseases, and reduce anxiety and general inflammation.

CBD has claimed to be very effective in treating anxiety, inflammation, and pain in many other animals, so seeing that individual cases with horses have shown healing is not surprising at all.

The only struggle you may have is finding and utilizing the correct dosage. Horses weigh as much as 2,000 pounds, and dosage is often done by weight. You will need a lot of the best CBD oil for horses to get the appropriate dosage for your animal.

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Due to lack of research and the new demand for CBD, there isn’t any standardized amount recommended for horses. Because of this, the best way to try CBD with your horse is to start with the minimum baseline dose and go up from there until treatment is effective. Please remember, horses can’t vomit so it’s worthwhile to use caution and start with a low dose.

Some leaders in the horse CBD sector say that starting at about 40-60mg/day is a good baseline. Try it for a 5-7 day period and if no effectiveness is present, increase about 10-20mg for the following 5-7 day period.

This will help your horse adjust to the dosing properly, as well as help you to figure out what the correct dosage is for your horse.

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Tips For Administration

Convincing your horse to take CBD oil should be no more difficult than deworming time. As it happens, the best place to administer CBD oil is under the tongue, which isn’t that far off from the cheek, where dewormer is usually targeted.

You can give your horse CBD in the same way, sliding the dropper into the corner of the mouth and squeezing it. Lift your horses head briefly to prevent your horse from spitting it out, and you should be good to go! Horses are delicate creatures. Their delicate limbs are prone to injury, and thousands of years as a prey animal has made them more prone to anxiety. CBD can help with many of the problems specific to horses, giving your horse a chance to feel relaxed and calm no matter what situation they are facing. CBD is still new to the equine world, but that doesn’t mean you have to ignore its life-saving potential. It just means your horse will be one of the first to experience the comfort of some of the best CBD oil for horses can provide.