CBD Oil For Hamsters

CBD Oil For Hamsters

CBD oil is being used by humans, dogs, cats, horses, and many more other pets! This recent surge in popularity also includes using CBD oil for hamsters!

Health Issues in Hamsters

Let’s face it, there are not a lot of treatments available for our beloved hamsters. When they fall ill, or suffer the same pains of old age as our cats and dogs, there aren’t any remedies we can turn to to help them. To make matters worse, as a prey animal at the very bottom of the food chain, they often experience higher than average anxiety, especially to big changes like moving to a new home.

Some other common health ailments that hamsters can deal with are arthritis in their joints as they age, skin conditions like mange, various digestive issues like Wet Tail or Tyzzer’s Disease, and not to mention cancer.

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You can help your hamster in times of upheaval, as well as when they start to get old and need more help moving around, by offering them CBD oil. Just like nearly all animals, hamsters have an Endocannabinoid System. That means by using CBD oil for hamsters can allow them to reap the same benefits as our dogs and cats! People have used CBD oil for dogs with arthritis, anxiety, seizures, and other ailments, and the same can be done for our hamster companions!

Getting The Dosage Right

While hamsters can benefit greatly from CBD oil, it may be tricky figuring out the appropriate dosage for your pet. A hamster can weigh as little as one ounce as an adult, or as much as 10.5 ounces. Since dosage for CBD oil is typically given in pounds, figuring out just how much to give can be a real headache.

You can start by selecting an oil that has the lowest possible dose of CBD in it. Ahimsa Pets sells CBD oil that has just 250mg in it, which is fairly low compared to others that may have significantly more. Offer your hamster just a drop to start out with, once per day. If your hamster doesn’t seem to improve after a couple of weeks, you can always add another drop to their dosing.

CBD has very few side effects in animals, and is fairly hard to overdose. You can rest assured that even if a drop seems like a very large amount for your hamster, it will most likely be fine as long as you’ve chosen a high quality oil.

the best cbd oil for hamsters

Check for Purity

Hamsters are very small. Even low doses of impurities a cat or dog can filter out might be lethal to a tiny hamster. When you look for a brand of CBD oil, confirm that it is all natural and lab tested by independent third parties to check for quality. The CBD oil you choose should have no THC in it, as THC has been found to be toxic in many mammals.

You can usually tell if a CBD oil is high quality by looking at their website. Good clues include hemp that was grown in the US or other developed countries where rules are in place to ensure quality, and efforts to check the purity of the product. If none of these things are mentioned on the website, you could be taking a big risk with your beloved pet.

Ahimsa Pet has a good track record as some of the best CBD oil for dogs and cats. If you can trust them as one of the top choices for CBD for dogs, you can also trust them with your beloved hamster. Hamster health is just as important as dog and cat health, and every hamster family knows that. Make sure to take care of your hamster’s health by using CBD oil.