CBD Oil For Guinea Pigs

CBD Oil For Guinea Pigs

When it comes down to our smaller pets, getting good health care for them is surprisingly hard. Many people view pocket pets such as guinea pigs as less important than cats and dogs, because they are smaller and have shorter life spans.

If you own a guinea pig, you know that your bond with your pet is just as strong as with any cat or dog. He whistles when he wants your attention, and does cute things like disguise himself as a box for safety while looking for treats.

If your guinea pig is feeling ill, you may not have access to a veterinarian who will look at a guinea pig, and there are few over the counter medications available. Your guinea pig feels just as much pain as the next animal, and with no other readily available treatments, you may be wondering about CBD oil for your guinea pig.

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Safe and Effective

CBD oil for guinea pigs is safe for them, as well as a variety of other small animals. It’s main uses are as an anti-inflammatory, and for the reduction of pain, but it can also help with a variety of other ailments such as allergies, lack of appetite, and even to treat the symptoms of cancer. CBD oil works through the endocannabanoid system, a part of the brain shared with all other animals except for insects.

The endocannabanoid system regulates many of the major functions in our body, and is responsible for things like appetite and even how well we sleep. CBD is thought to help with the regulation of this system, keeping the body from overreacting to allergies, and stopping inflammation before it can even begin.

CBD oil can also help your pet if he is feeling stressed, such as during a move or after a buddy has passed away. The same areas of the brain that control pain, also control emotional pain, anxiety, and many other mental health problems—for animals and people alike.

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Dosage for CBD Oil

CBD oil is administered by weight. The typical starting dosage is 0.25mg per pound of body weight. Since guinea pigs are so small, it is essential that you choose a CBD oil that is of the highest possible quality. Good signs for a high quality CBD oil include plants grown in the USA, and testing by a third party company to guarantee quality. The best CBD oil for dogs is usually also the best CBD oil for guinea pigs. There are many companies that specialize in CBD oil for dogs and cats, and these may be the best places for you to look.

It’s easiest to administer CBD oil to guinea pigs by putting the dose on a treat, or in a small amount of food before giving him the rest of his portion. Small amounts or high value treats will ensure that your pet gets all of his daily dose. CBD oil is a great solution for guinea pigs who are experiencing a stressful situation, suffer from arthritis, allergies, or other common problems.

If your pet has a minor ailment, a dose of Ahimsa Pets CBD oil may be the perfect way to help him feel better once again.