CBD Oil for Golden Retrievers

CBD Oil for Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are so beloved that in 90’s there was an entire movie franchise developed around one with the Air Bud movies. Buddy the dog, like most Golden Retrievers, stole our hearts. This big affectionate friend of humans is an extremely popular breed but not without its drawbacks as they suffer from a lengthy list of health conditions.

Today, we are learning all about Golden Retrievers, why they make great pets, giving you the skinny on their health issues, and lastly telling you about a solution for these health woes. Let’s start with the background on these guys.

What are Golden Retrievers?

Golden Retrievers are gun dogs who fall in the medium to large size category, measuring in at 20 to 24 inches and 55 to 75 pounds. These dogs are known for their gorgeous long golden locks which masks an extremely muscular body beneath it. That muscular body makes them excellent worker dogs who are perfect for hunting, service work, and for search and rescue missions.

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Their beauty and functionality are only rivaled by their incredible personalities. Golden Retrievers are famous for being loyal, smart, friendly, and extremely loving. They are truly everything you are looking for when it comes to owning a pet.

Given their fantastic mix of a work ethic, personality, and their all-around adorableness, it’s no surprise that they are one of the most popularly owned breeds in the United States. That said, owners do need to understand the wide array of health issues they and their friends will be dealing with.

Health Issues for Golden Retrievers

The average lifespan for Golden Retrievers is 10-13 years, and their later years can get complicated, and costly for their owners. Here’s a list of the most common health issues for Golden Retrievers:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Sub-aortic Stenosis
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Tumors
  • Seizures
  • Lymphoma
  • Canine Hip Dysplasia
  • Problems with Allergies
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This is a lengthy list and while there is certainly a varying degree of seriousness here, it’s understandable that owners want to avoid as many as possible. A product that has emerged to improve the quality of life for your loved ones is CBD oil for Golden Retrievers, let’s take a look at that further.

CBD Oil for Golden Retrievers

CBD Oil has been a major health trend for humans, and now CBD for dogs has been an equally big trend. For those who are unfamiliar, it is a cannabis plant extract that is known for its health properties.

For dogs, it is known to cure or treat a variety of ailments including; seizures, anxiety, cancer, arthritis, and allergies. Given the variety of health disorders that they can face, CBD oil for Golden Retrievers makes a lot of sense.

A condition like allergies is often not very threating but it can dramatically affect the quality of life for furry four-legged friend. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD Oil allow it to reduce the affects of it for them and improve their daily lives. This is another reason that CBD oil for Golden Retrievers makes all of the sense in the world.

When you buy a dog, you enter into a contract with one another. You promise to love them unconditionally, provide for them, and give them the best possible life. They in turn promise to reward you with love, happiness, and loyalty. When you begin research into CBD oil for Golden Retrievers, you will find that at Ahimsa Pets we provide the best CBD oil for dogs. We care about your pets as much as you do, and we want to help you give them the life that they deserve!