CBD Oil for French Bulldogs

CBD Oil for French Bulldogs

French bulldogs may just be the cutest dogs in the whole world. The combination of their tiny little stature mixed with their tough, frowning, grumpy looking faces makes them one of the most iconic and instantly recognizable dogs that exists. And that tough look? Well, it’s truly just a look. These guys are known for their loving nature and sweet personalities and they make wonderful household pets.

Today, we are going to take a few minutes to learn about this incredible breed. Any good pet owner (or perspective pet owner) also wants to know about potential health issues for their furry friends, so we will cover that too as well as how CBD oil for French Bulldogs is becoming a popular and beneficial way for improving their quality of life. Okay, let’s dive on in.

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All About French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are a domestic dog breed that originated from cross breeding of Toy Bulldogs from England and local ratter from Paris France in the 19th century. These little guys stand between one foot and 14 inches tall, and they weigh about 28 to 30 pounds. As mentioned earlier, they are known for their little scrunched up faces, but I would be remiss though, if I didn’t mention their infamous bat like ears that add to the paradox of the friendly dog with a sinister face.

Okay, so I have mentioned their friendliness multiple times, but let’s look at it with a bit of a closer lens. Let’s start with the joyous qualities. French Bulldogs are playful, they are affectionate, and most importantly, they get along with other animals and humans, so they are adaptable to most any family. Little dogs often get classified as little yapper dogs, but such is simply not the case for these guys. French Bulldogs are known for barking very seldomly, which combined with their small stature makes them ideal pets for city apartment dwellers.

That said, when it’s called for, they bring more toughness than just their scrunched faces when there is an altercation in their homes, as they are very alert. The friendliness mixed with their habit for alerting you to potential intruders has made them one of the most popular breeds of dogs and makes them a great companion for any owner.

Pets are our friends, and unfortunately our love for them cannot protect them from health issues. Let’s now turn our attention to the health conditions our little buddies face and how CBD Oil has become an answer to these issues.

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CBD Oil for French Bulldogs

Given the short size of their face, it’s no surprise that French Bulldogs suffer from respiratory and breathing related issues. Aside from that, they are known to have issues with spinal disorders, eye disorders, heart disease, joint issues, and cancer.

So, knowing that, what makes CBD oil for French Bulldogs a good idea? CBD oil for dogs is one of those products that is wonderful because it helps a wide array of issues. For instance, it helps fight inflammation which helps Bulldogs with their joint issues. It can also help prevent cancer which is obviously ideal for your four-legged friend. Outside of that, it has the ability to cure issues of stress, anxiety, and general discomfort in life.

CBD oil has been one of the biggest recent medical breakthroughs and CBD oil for French Bulldogs makes your pets life better. At Ahimsa Pets, we pride ourselves on offering the best CBD oil for dogs and making their lives and the world a better place. Your French Bulldog is part of your family and he deserves to feel good every day. Give him that chance with CBD oil for dogs.