CBD Oil For Dogs With Inflammation

CBD Oil For Dogs With Inflammation

Our pets are beloved members of the family. When they are hurt or sick, we often give them medical care as good as or better than our own. Unfortunately, sometimes a wound, arthritis, or other ailment can cause our pets to feel unwell with even the best vet care. If your pet is feeling lackluster due to inflammation, using CBD oil for dogs and cats may be helpful to them.

What Is Inflammation?

Inflammation is your pet’s way of responding to injuries or illness. When your pet’s body detects foreign invaders, such as bacteria in a wound or a virus, they send white blood cells to attack the bacteria. In some cases, the body makes a mistake and attacks its own body, such as in the case of arthritis. The result is inflammation. Stiff joints, heat, swelling, and pain are all signs of inflammation in your pet. While inflammation is associated with your pet’s white blood cells attacking foreign invaders, inflammation is a side effect of this process—it isn’t necessary for the white blood cells to work, and can actually be damaging to the area.

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How Can CBD Oil Help With Inflammation?

The pain your dog or cat feels when a joint is inflamed is from chemicals released by the white blood cells. These chemicals help fight bacteria by opening up blood vessels in the area, but can also cause liquid to seep into the surrounding tissue, and may also press on the nerves. All of this happening at the same time causes your pet to feel pain.

These side effects to your dog or cat’s immune system are painful, and they’re also not necessary. Your pet doesn’t need inflammation in order to fight off the invaders. It simply needs the white blood cells. Using an anti-inflammatory won’t hurt your dog’s ability to fight foreign invaders, it will just make them more comfortable while their body does the work it needs to do.

CBD works along the endocannabinoid system (EBS), to calm these signals from irritated nerves down.  While there is currently no research out on the topic yet, many researchers speculate that CBD may also help reduce inflammation by preventing your pet’s body from reacting inappropriately in the first place.

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How To Use CBD Oil For Dogs With Inflammation

If your dog has arthritis, or inflammation from some other injury or illness, CBD oil could help soothe their pain. Choose a high quality CBD oil, and follow the dosage instructions carefully. The dose may be different depending on the mg of CBD in the oil. Start off with the lowest possible dose, and see how your dog reacts over time.

Using CBD oil for dogs with inflammation/arthritis is a great option, and you should see visible improvements within two weeks of starting a dosage program. If you don’t, try increasing the amount of CBD in small increments until you see results. CBD is a great choice for dogs and cats alike. A quality anti-inflammatory can improve your pet’s quality of life, and give them more ‘good’ days as they grow older – make sure you get the best CBD oil! If you’re worried about how your pet is feeling, using CBD oil for dogs and cats can really change the way they feel on a daily basis! Ahimsa Pets offers some of the best CBD oil for dogs and cats, making sure it is all-natural, lab tested, and grown from pure Colorado hemp!