CBD Oil For Dogs With Cancer: Yay or Nay?

CBD Oil For Dogs With Cancer: Yay or Nay?

Cancer is one disease that cannot be prevented and is the toughest to treat because of how late it is normally diagnosed. More often than not, dogs don’t start exhibiting symptoms until the cancer becomes too advanced.

However, CBD is one course of treatment that can provide unparalleled comfort for your pet from the symptoms of cancer. It should be duly noted that CBD oil for dogs is NOT a cure to cancer, but it can help with deal with the symptoms of cancer.

As dogs get older, they may become more prone to different types of cancer – be it skin, bone, intestinal, or blood cancer.

As the growth of abnormal cells continues, the cancer spreads and starts to vary in intensity. Usually, there are about 5 grades, or stages of cancer in dogs:

Stage 1: Stage one is the level at which the cancer can be easily treated because the lymph nodes exist in single digits only.

Stage 2: Stage 2 is a little more progressive because it entails the presence of a batch of lymph nodes in the affected area. However, it is still fairly easy to treat, depending on the type of cancer.

Stage 3: Stage 3 is when the multiple lymph nodes have spread to the immediate surrounding area only. It is at this point that your dog may start showing symptoms of something being wrong internally.

Stage 4: Stage 4 is the rapid spread of lymph nodes from the area of origin to the surroundings. Cancer diagnosed at this stage is often tough to treat.

Stage 5: Stage 5 is the final stage of cancer where it is the most dangerous. It is tough to treat due to the number of organs that have been affected by the abnormal growth of cells.

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The earlier the cancer in dogs is diagnosed, the better the chances of recovery. Additionally, it would also give you an opportunity to weigh out treatment plans, whether it be aggressive or natural – like CBD oil.

What Are Some Treatment Options?

Any pet parent that hears their dog is diagnosed with cancer has tons of thoughts going through their mind.

One of those desperation thoughts is getting an idea of what treatment options there are to possibly save their furry friends. Below is just a few common options:

  • Surgical Operation

Depending on the location of the tumor and its stage, people can opt to have surgery done on their dogs in order to remove the entire toxic mass.  This would mostly ensure that, after the surgery, the cancer would be gone.

  • Radiation

Through the use of highly concentrated energy, radiation has been proven to be successful in killing cancer cells. However, it is one of the most aggressive courses of treatments that will most likely result in your dog experiencing extreme lethargy, loss of hair, scars, burns and even painful inflammation.

  • Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is the use of medicines to kill cancer cells. While they can be highly effective, they also end up killing a great chunk of healthy cells which can worsen the situation rather than improving it, in some cases. 

What About Alternate Treatments Like CBD Oil For Dogs With Cancer?

Over the course of years, CBD has been claimed to have great medicinal healing properties that can be used to treat diseases like epilepsy, anxiety, chronic pain and even cancer.

Once ingested, it is thought to cause cancer cells to kill themselves thus reducing the size of the tumor. However, this is only the initial thoughts and claims from preliminary tests – nothing has been proved.

Only the best CBD oil for dogs should be considered when looking for the most effective treatments –especially when administered in the early stages. CBD oil should be seen as something to help dogs with their symptoms from cancer.

More and more people now opt for this natural aid for their pets since it has less to no side effects.

Positive Effects of CBD Oil For Dogs With Cancer?

There are various benefits of giving your dog CBD oil when they’re dealing with cancer and the symptoms that come with it. They include:

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  • Improving Appetite

A dog not eating is never a good thing. When dogs who suffer from cancer stop eating, they are weakening their immune system by depriving it of the nourishment it needs. However, sometimes with the use of CBD oil their appetite can increase helping them get nutrition in a time of need.  

  • Reduces Swelling

CBD has been said to have anti-inflammatory properties. That is why it is also used to treat pain and diseases like arthritis. Sometimes cancer can cause swelling internally in the body. CBD targets the nervous system and disrupts the discomforting signals of swelling received by the brain causing your dog to relax.

  • Pain Reliever

Depending on the type of cancer your dog suffers from, they are likely to experience varying levels of pain. You can use CBD oil to decrease the amount of pain they feel by incorporating some in their food or feeding them CBD infused treats. This will help them cope with the pain, and make you feel better in seeing them suffer a little less.

Make sure to never settle for just any CBD oil when it comes to your loving pet! Using the best CBD oil for dogs is one of the smartest moves you will ever make. Find one that is pure, all-natural, Colorado grown, and lab tested like Ahimsa Pets CBD Oil For Pets. We ensure nothing but the best for your pet when we create our CBD oil.

Remember, CBD oil can help your pet with the various ailing symptoms of cancer, but please do not think of it as a cure. We wish you and your pet the best of health!