CBD For Exotic Pets

CBD For Exotic Pets

CBD oils is becoming a popular method to treat our pets. There’s already studies available CBD for dogs. We’ve heard so much about how the best CBD oil for dogs and cats can helps them, and of course mice studies are standard in the research world for the small pets, but what about other exotics?

If your pet isn’t actually a furry friend, but a scaly one, you may be wondering if CBD oil is safe for your pet. The good news is that almost all animals except for insects have an endocannabinoid system. This system is named after cannabis because it was through CBD that researchers learned about this part of the brain to begin with.[1]

The endocannabinoid system regulates many different important functions of the body, from sleep to appetite, and also how much pain we experience. Best of all, if your animal has an endocannabinoid system, chances are, CBD can help them.

Right now CBD for exotic pets is largely experimental. There are no studies on reptiles or other exotics, so the information available is largely anecdotal. The good news is, the individual cases of exotic animal owners who have tried CBD have had a good outcome.

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Anecdotal Evidence In Support Of CBD Oil For Exotic Pets

Reptiles are so different from mammals, it can be hard to detect when they are having problems that could benefit from CBD. After all, reptiles can’t smile or frown. They don’t have ears that droop, or make whining sounds when they’re in pain. How do you know if CBD is beneficial for them?

Yet, reptiles fall prey to many of the same diseases and conditions that we do, perhaps in some cases more. Living in a small enclosure with few hiding places may make some reptiles prone to anxiety, and if a reptile is wounded or sick, chances are they are experiencing inflammation and pain.

Despite its usefulness, real cases of people using CBD oil to treat reptiles is rare. CBD oil has been used to successfully treat fatty tumors in an albinoa boa constrictor in the past,[2] and for general anxiety.

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How Much To Give Your Pet

If you think CBD is right for your exotic, we recommend starting out with a very low dose. Start with 0.1mg per pound of body weight per day, and don’t bump the dosage up until a full week of treatment has gone by. If you don’t see any improvement, you can increase the dosage from there.

The normal starting dosage is 0.25mg per pound of body weight for other animals, but since reptiles are more delicate, it’s better to be cautious.

As with any other remedy for your pet, it’s best to ask a veterinarian before starting your exotic on CBD. They may have additional recommendations, or be able to help screen your pet for issues that may prevent them from being able to take CBD.

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