8 Natural Supplements To Keep Dogs Healthy

8 Natural Supplements To Keep Dogs Healthy

Supplements are a great way to help boost your dogs health, and keep him fit and happy for as long as possible. If you’ve been browsing what you can put in your dog’s bowl for his health, you might want take a good look at these supplements.


One of the best general supplements you can give your dog are probiotics. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that live in your dog’s gut and help with digestion, immunity, and even mood. Probiotics can have a huge impact on your dog’s overall health, by giving him the full benefit of the nutrition you feed him every day.

Fish Oil

Just like humans rarely get enough omega-3 fatty acids, dogs also rarely get enough omegas from their diet. This can lead to dry skin, worsened allergies, irritability, and more. Fish oil is a great mood balancer, and can make your dog more resilient to skin issues.

natural supplements for dogs with cancer


Is your dog moody and irritable? Skullcap may help calm him down. Skullcap is an herbal remedy generally considered safe for pets, and humans as well. The mild calming effects are useful for times of trauma, such as when your pet is unwell or faces the stresses of moving.


Another safe calmative for dogs, valerian acts as a mild sedative. Valerian root is an excellent supplement for times when your dog needs more and better sleep, or a gentle sedative to help ease his concerns. Consider valerian root for fire works, vet visits, and other times of major anxiety for dogs.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been shown to be of great benefit to pets and their health. Coconut oil contains MCT, or Medium-chain triglyceride. These triglycerides work to boost brain health, and can even help calm seizures in medication resistant pets. This is a great supplement to give to your pet frequently so he can experience optimum health.

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If your pet has ever experienced a urinary tract infection, you know how miserable it can make them. Cranberry can help prevent them from having these issues in the first place. A little bit of cranberry now can save you a huge vet bill, and your dog a lot of discomfort.


CBD oil for dogs is one of the best natural supplements you can keep him on. It’s an anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, reduces pain and anxiety, and may even help reduce allergy reactions. It has a number of beneficial properties, and yet no side effects to speak of. If you can only choose one of these natural supplements for dogs, definitely make CBD oil your choice.


If you love a good curry, you’re probably familiar with this rich, yellow seasoning. What you may not know is that turmeric has dozens of incredible health benefits for both humans and dogs. Turmeric is so powerful at helping the heart and lowering blood pressure, it can take the place of statins in humans. In dogs, turmeric is used for joint care, heart care, and as an anti-cancer. There are dozens of amazing all natural dog supplements out there, but these are our favorites. Keep these handy to give your dog a boost when ever he needs it.