ahimsa pets organic cbd oil for pets 250mg
ahimsa pets organic cbd oil for pets 250mg dosing
ahimsa pets organic cbd oil for pets 250mg for small dogs and cats
Organic CBD Oil For Dogs and Cats - 250mg
Organic CBD Oil For Dogs and Cats - 250mg
Organic CBD Oil For Dogs and Cats - 250mg
Organic CBD Oil For Dogs and Cats - 250mg
Organic CBD Oil For Dogs and Cats - 250mg

Organic CBD Oil For Dogs and Cats - 250mg

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When You Look At Your Pet What Do You See?

Do you see love, happiness, and joy all bundled up into one? Yeah - us too.

But maybe your furry friend is not feeling like themselves anymore? It could be their old age, their arthritis, or maybe even a health illness that’s impacted their personality. Again, we know the feeling.

Just like you, we want the best for our pets especially when it comes to their health. And that’s why Ahimsa Pets specializes in all-natural, holistic pet care, applied with a scientific lens.

CBD Oil For Dogs and Cats

250mg = pets that weigh 5-20lbs
500mg = pets that weigh 20-50lbs
1000mg = pets that weigh +50lbs

250mg Pet CBD Oil

Our 250mg Pet CBD oil is perfect for your furry friend weighing between 5-20lbs. There is approximately 8-10mg of CBD per ml in this supplement.       


Our premium CBD oil is a mixture of CBD extract and MCT (coconut) oil. The carrier oil, MCT in our case, is important to help the body absorb CBD. MCT oil’s fat molecules bind and surround the CBD oil molecules, making it easier to transport throughout the body.

Pet parents claim that CBD has helped with their pet’s arthritis, anxiety, seizures, pain, skin/coat health, and more! Read our reviews at the bottom of the page, and see how the lives of other pets have been changed for the better!

From top to bottom our brand represents a holistic, authentic, trustworthy partner for you and your furry friend. Whether it be our roots in the Eastern philosophy of ahimsa and the holistic health practice of Ayurveda. Or it could be our dedication to not cut corners and truly create the best, organic or all-natural products for your pets. Or it could even simply be how our colors of ruby, ivory, and metallic gold represent vitality, purity, and quality.

Product Details:

- Made from organic hemp
- Grown and extracted in the USA
- Facility abides by USDA regulations
- MCT carrier oil




Introduction To CBD And Ahimsa Pets

We’re happy you found our website upon your search for CBD products for your pet! CBD has been what everyone is talking about lately, especially when it comes to all-natural, holistic remedies for dogs and cats. At Ahimsa Pets we are full focused on providing the best cbd products for dogs and cats and for pet owners. We care about your pet living a happier, healthier life with you without depending on prescription medications. Take a look below for some more on what CBD is all about.

What is CBD

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a substance found in the hemp plant.

CBD vs MJ vs Hemp

The Cannabis plant has many different strains and contains different substances in each strain. Hemp is part of it and is known for its high CBD content, and little to no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is the compound that causes the “high” that is felt by consumers of marijuana.

For CBD made from industrial Hemp, the entire hemp plant is of use from the seeds to the stalk. Hemp, additionally, contains an enzyme that promotes a greater production of CBD which makes it highly beneficial for use in medicinal practice and also for basic natural remedies.

In 2018 the Farm Bill passed, according to which products made out of hemp, and hemp as a plant in general, were removed from the restrictions of the Controlled Substances Act.

How CBD Reacts In The Body

The body has two CBD receptors, CBD 1 and CBD 2, which are part of the Endocannabinoid System in our bodies. The receptors are located all over the body and not just in the brain as some people commonly presume. CBD 1 receptors are mostly in the brain and integrate with the body’s mood and pain receptors in the head, while CBD 2 receptors are throughout the body and relate to the pain and inflammation of our body.

CBD Claims To Support Illnesses

Although CBD has gone through no FDA studies to prove the exact health benefits of what it does for the body, it has been claimed by many users to help with certain illnesses. This also includes benefits to our beloved pets.

Some of the biggest illnesses CBD claims to help with in pets are:
Skin/Coat Health
Ease Cancer Symptoms
Preventative Medicine

How To Give CBD For Pets

CBD can be administered in many different ways to your pet - from oils to treats, and even lotions! However, we recommend the best two methods are using CBD oils and CBD treats. Why? Because CBD is absorbed the fastest orally or sublingually (under the tongue).

What To Look For When Buying CBD For Dogs & Cats

The first thing you need to heedful about when buying CBD is whether or not it is organic. Organic CBD is safer and healthier for pets than the altered products that contain artificial additives. Along these lines, also look for how the company processes their CBD, whether they use the CO2 extraction method or another one. Different methods result in different quality CBD.

Also look for companies that provide their COA’s (Certificate Of Analysis) for their products. This will show you a third-party lab that has tested the CBD product for its CBD potency, terpene concentration, microbial and mycotoxin analysis, and if any residual solvents are present.

And of course, also check for the price they are selling their CBD products for. If it’s too cheap or too expensive, there is something wrong – either it will be bad quality or it’s overpriced. Quality is important when it comes to CBD pet products, so look for a company that is reasonably priced and has high quality products.

Where To Buy CBD For Pets

The great thing about having CBD made legal is it’s now everywhere – online and in stores! But this also brings out issues because the industry is still not fully regulated. This means some companies won’t follow the regulations we spoke about in the above section about what to look for when buying CBD for your pet. If company’s cut corners, your pet may be getting a bad product which could potentially cause more harm than good. Ahimsa Pets makes sure to abide by all the regulations and go the extra step to make sure your pet gets the best product.

Dosing CBD For Dogs & Cats

Being one of the biggest questions pet parents have, dosage is a hot topic within the CBD world. CBD is an all-natural supplement, and is good to use in the right amount to see the proper effects. The biggest factors effecting dosage in dogs and cats with CBD products is weight of the pet. The bigger the pet, the more CBD they will need to have an effect on them.

Now although this is true, one thing that is most certainly true with ANY dog or cat taking CBD is to start low. What we mean is, start below the recommended dose for the first few days and slowly increase to the appropriate dose all while keeping an eye on how your pet is reacting. All pets react differently to CBD so please monitor them closely!

Side Effects of CBD

Like any natural supplement, there are side effects to using CBD and each pet is different. Some may see side effects more than others, some not at all, but the good news is the side effects are usually nothing to worry about as they are not that serious.

The most common side effects are Dry Mouth, Low Blood Pressure, and Drowsiness. None of these should cause any harm to your pet, but once again every pet reacts differently to CBD. With that being said, always consult your veterinarian before and while using CBD for your pet. 


In conclusion, CBD is the new kid on the block when it comes to natural supplements for humans and pets. With so many positive claims, it seems CBD can help dogs and cats feel much better, allowing them to enjoy more time with you. There are also some things to keep an eye on when it comes to CBD as its still a new industry and lacks strict regulations. Some companies, like Ahimsa Pets, will go to lengths to make sure your pet gets the best product possible, but not all companies will. And as always, consult your veterinarian before making a decision about your pet’s health.

We wish you and your pet the best of days!