The Three Letter Dog Health Trend!

Dog Parents Are Loving This Three Letter Health Trend

Dog parents all have one thing in common – we love our dogs like family! (sometimes even more!)

That means we’ll do anything to make sure our dogs are all healthy and happy. And who can blame us? Our dogs are a source of great happiness for us.

Unfortunately, health usually plays a role in slowing them down earlier than we would like. However, as science makes advancements, new health trends are being learned to help our dogs live longer and happier!

all natural oil for dogs

Recently a new trend has been taking over the dog world and it’s only 3 letters. Not only that, but some dog parents have been claiming this trend to truly help their dogs with illnesses like arthritis, anxiety, and pain!

The trend we’re talking about is all-natural, holistic, organically grown – O I L!  

That’s right, oil. But not the oil that you use to cook those fries. This oil is different! To learn more, click below or keep reading!

oil for dogs

The Oil For Dogs

There have been various studies and clinical trials recently about an oil that has shown to be effective as a method of treatment for anxiety, sleep, pain, epilepsy and even PTSD in humans.

With such a positive impact on humans, it was recommended for dogs, cats and various other pets too! It has been claimed to be a great tool with which you can ease your dog’s discomfort.

What Is This Oil And How Does It Work For Dogs?

This oil is a compound that is found within a naturally grown plant. It interacts with receptors found in the brain and the immune system in humans and animals.

The oil helps maintain a balance of systems in the body. Since most animals also have the same body system, this oil can be used for our dogs and has claimed to be just as effective for them as for humans. If you want to know more about this oil, click below!

the best oil for dogs

How Does This Oil Benefit Dogs?

Some dog parents claim that by using this oil there have been noticeable differences in their dogs’s health in a positive way! Here are some health illnesses that dog parents claim this oil has helped out with.

oil for dogs with seizures

1. Anxiety

Using this oil for your dog might just be what you need to help calm them down when they get anxious. Some dogs build up anxiety due to separation from their owners or being in an unfamiliar environment, while other dogs get scared of fireworks and other loud noises.

2. Seizures

Many pets suffer from seizures causes by disorders like epilepsy. If not looked after meticulously, these seizures can be fatal. Using this oil for dogs can not only control the severity of seizures, but also reduce them over time.

3. Pain

Our dogs suffer from nerve, joint, chronic, or injury related pains on a regular basis which stops them from doing the things they love like going for walks and playing fetch. These pains can be controlled and greatly managed by the use of this oil for dogs.

4. Cancer Symptoms

Let’s be clear – this oil isn’t a cure to cancer, but it can help your dog deal with the symptoms that come along with cancer like pain and inflammation. Some scientists are doing studies to test the claim that this oil helps slow the growth of tumors, but nothing has been proven yet.  

oils for dogs

5. Inflammation

This oil is an all-natural anti-inflammatory thus it can help treat most dog illnesses that relate to inflammation. Some illnesses include inflammatory bowel disease and chronic inflammation. It can sometimes help with allergies, congestion and hypersensitivity.

6. Arthritis

Since this oil is an anti-inflammatory it can help treat illnesses like arthritis, which so many dogs deal with as they age. Arthritis slows down our dogs, but many dog parents claim this oil has been helping reduce the effects of arthritis on their dogs. Click below to learn more.

the best oil for dogs with arthritis

7. Homeostasis/Overall Health 

Lastly, since it interacts with receptors in the brain and immune system, this oil can help with homeostasis and reducing the effects of the illnesses mentioned above.

The Take Away

oil for dogs with arthritis

Our dogs mean the world to us, and we want the best for them. This includes dog parents always looking for a way to keep their dogs healthy!

This oil is a natural supplement that has claimed to be changing the lives of dogs everywhere recently! And it just may change the life of your dog too – all you have to do is try it!  

oil for dogs