Our Story

Ahimsa Pets was created from the blend of a Google search, an Animal Science degree, and a rich cultural background. 

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At the age of 12 our founder, Parth, knew he wanted to help animals, so he searched, "How to become a veterinarian?" and his journey began. 

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He graduated Rutgers University with an Animal Science: Pre-Veterinary Medicine degree, but just as he was going to apply to veterinary schools he realized he wanted to help animals in another way. 

ahimsa pets about us indian culture

His parents immigrated to America from India, but he kept his roots which included eating wholesome foods and consuming ayurvedic (holistic), home-made remedies to stay healthy! 

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It was by blending his scientific knowledge with his ayurvedic background he created Ahimsa Pets. Ahimsa means to love and to care in the Indian language of Sanskrit, and he wanted to make sure dog and cat owners were doing so for their pets.

ahimsa pets about us indian farmer

He grew up seeing Indian farmers and family members living on wholesome and simple diets, which allowed many of them to live into their 90's with almost no health issues. He wanted that same thing for dogs and cats after seeing his own dog, Lucky, pass away from liver cancer.

ahimsa pets about us parth and lucky 

Our story is simple, but unique - let's keep our pets healthy through all-natural, holistic foods and supplements by blending science with holistic culture. 

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