Frequently Asked Questions

Pet Dosing Questions

The answer to this commonly asked question is – it depends! CBD for dogs and cats has dose requirements that rely on different factors like your pet’s weight and breed, as well as what illness you are trying to aid and its severity. We always advise to start lower than the recommended dose and then slowly increasing it over the first week to the correct dose. Watch our video in case you want some more information on dosing CBD oil for pets.

Thankfully, it is extremely hard and rare to overdose your pet on CBD, as it is a natural supplement. If you stay within the recommended dose, your pet will be just fine. Your pet may have some side effects to the CBD product if they are just starting out, but nothing that would be too serious. Since Ahimsa Pets CBD oil doesn’t have any THC, there is no toxic chemical to be weary of. We use only two natural ingredients – hemp oil and CBD.

Most pets don’t react negatively to CBD. If they do, it’s usually in the beginning when they first start off using products such as CBD oil for dogs and cats. Possible side effects include: drowsiness, vomiting, diarrhea, and dry mouth. None of these are immediately dangerous to your pet. However, if the symptoms continue overtime then definitely consult your veterinarian.

You can administer CBD to your pet in a couple different ways including CBD oil, CBD treats (chews), or CBD baked treats. We recommend CBD oil for dogs and cats because it is absorbed the best and has been claimed to be the most effective way of the three.

After giving your pet CBD, the timeframe in which you can see results will vary. It depends on each individual pet because just like humans react differently to natural supplements, so too do pets. It also depends on what you are using CBD for in your dogs and cats? Certain illnesses like anxiety may take longer to see effects than arthritis or pain. It can take some dogs and cats 20-30 mins to show initial results. We recommend using any CBD product for at least 3-4 weeks to see the true results of CBD for dogs and cats.

Since we can’t fully understand your pet’s medical history and what medications they’re exactly on, we recommend you consult your veterinarian to decide what’s best for your pet.


Pet CBD Questions

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It’s a compound found in the Hemp plant that has recently been claimed to have positive health effects for pets and humans.

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a compound found in the hemp plant which is a cousin to the marijuana plant. However, CBD sourced from hemp plants doesn’t contain THC so it has no “high” effect, only the positive health effects.

CBD from hemp plants cannot get your pet “high”. Hemp derived CBD does not contain THC which is the compound responsible for the “high” feeling. All of Ahimsa Pets CBD products are sourced from all-natural hemp plants containing 0% THC.

CBD for dogs and cats can be very beneficial. It interacts with the body’s Endocannabinoid System, which is present in all mammals including dogs and cats. Some health conditions it can help with in your pet are: arthritis, joint pain, hip pain, noise anxiety, separation anxiety, seizures, skin/coat health, and more!

With the surge of popularity in CBD products, including the pet CBD market, there is a plethora of choices. But what makes the “right” choice? How do you know what you’re getting? Is it product safe? Some things to look into before buying CBD for your dog or cat is the product’s COA, whether or not it is all-natural, what ingredients it’s made from, and some other factors we go into HERE.

COA stands for Certificate of Analysis. It is a document that shows what substances are in the CBD product and if it’s safe for consumption. It’s usually created by a third party lab that did all the testing. See all of our COA’s HERE.

We recommend keeping CBD products refrigerated after opening to keep in the best condition for the longest time. However, if you want to store it somewhere else make sure it’s in room temperature and out of the sun light.


Pet Product Questions

Ahimsa Pets CBD oil for dogs and cats is all-natural, Colorado grown, pure hemp derived CBD oil. We test every batch through a third party lab to ensure the highest of quality for our customers and their pets.

No, none of our products contain THC. The legal amount for CBD products is 0.3% and our products comply with all regulations.

Of course! Ahimsa Pets CBD oil for dogs and cats is legal in all 50 states. CBD derived from the hemp plant with less than 0.3% is legal in the US, and our products fall into that category.

Ahimsa Pets is different because we go the extra mile to make sure you and your pet get the best of quality in your CBD products. We truly care about helping pets feel better and live happier, healthier lives. Not only that, but every product sold helps us donate to aid animals in need around the world.


Ahimsa Product Questions

Ahimsa Pets is a pet CBD and all-natural health wellness company. We want to see pets living healthier and happier with the help of all-natural supplements.

Ahimsa comes from the Sanskrit language and means “to not harm, to love”.

Our mission is ahimsa. Ahimsa means “to not harm, to love” in Sanskrit. So we wish to not harm our household pets by providing helpful, all-natural supplements to aid with illnesses instead of prescription medications with side effects. Then we go further and show love to all animals by donating a part of every sale to animals in need around the world.

Ahimsa Pets donates to animal causes around the world. Unfortunately, animals face many problems in different parts of the world so with your help we wish to send them aid. We’ve donated to causes like Kevin Richardson’s lion sanctuary in Africa and to an organization in Australia to help the Koala bears. With your help, we will continue to send help to animals everywhere.